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Watch this space for the latest updates from the WiRED AUDiO ViDEO SOLUTiONS team, our latest thoughts on home technology, and more.

Should You Prewire Your New Home

By Eric Hebert | June 11, 2017

Not sure if you should prewire your house? Quite simply…Yes! Building a new home is a fun and exciting time that requires a lot of planning. Homeowners spend numerous hours choosing the style of cabinets, lighting fixtures, floor finishes and paint colors. While these are the things that define the home, most of the important…

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New Website Launch

By Wired AVS | January 8, 2017

Welcome to the new WiRED AUDiO ViDEO SOLUTiONS website! We’ve worked with Ryan Kane at Uptumble.com to launch a brand new online presence to better serve you. Together, we’ve built this site from the bottom up to be dynamically adaptable for even the latest smartphones and tablets. We want this to be a tool for…

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The Site Commander

By Wired AVS | January 14, 2016

Well the the company vehicle is already one year old. What started out as a plain-jane work truck has turned out to be a very useful tool in our bag. We built the truck to help aid in getting us to the trickiest job sites and it never fails hauling heavy gear to and from.…

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