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Sound is an integral and often-overlooked feature of your home.  And these days, when shopping for a home, it’s becoming more and more common for buyers to ask for audio integration as a feature.  At WiRED AUDiO ViDEO SOLUTiONS, we love helping customers discover what’s possible with today’s technology.  Imagine controlling the audio throughout your home with a single device, streaming your favorite playlists and albums on demand in any room, and controlling playback and volume with a single touch.  Equipping your home with audio throughout every room can be surprisingly affordable, with options for both retrofitting existing homes and installing in new construction.  

Immerse Your Home in Sound

As you consider the audio needs of your family and home, the first decision you’ll be making is whether to use a wireless system, or integrate wired audio and concealed in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.  Wired audio can allow for more precision in distribution of sound, and seamless integration with the design of a given room.  And your audio/video control can be centralized at a single location, simplifying setup.  Today’s wireless speaker systems can deliver rich, powerful sound.  Going wireless offers the advantage of quick setup, less equipment, and flexibility, allowing you to move speakers from room to room (or even when you move to a new home).  Which option is right for you depends on your home’s layout, and the level of audio distribution and design integration you are wanting to achieve with your audio system.  

Acadiana's Whole Home Audio Installers

Let's talk about which whole home audio solution is right for your home and your needs.  We serve communities across Acadiana and Louisiana, including Lafayette, Broussard, Youngsville, Carencro, and many more.  With over 20 years of systems design experience, we're trusted throughout the region to deliver quality work you'll love having in your home. Give us a call or inquire today to see how we can help your next project!

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